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The Black Paper

A Reminder of the Commitment You Made

Informed by the Roundtable Conversation, we will work with each company signed up, their Black staff and thought leaders in the Black community to create a document that can be used as a resource for companies to focus and develop efforts on how to better serve the Black community at all levels. We will look at many things including the employee life cycle, the areas that currently fail the Black community and practical steps we need to take to make it better.

To do this we will work with Black staff, the wider Black community, executives, and the adequate I&D leaders and talent teams in each company to co-create The Black Paper. This will be a manifesto analysing where it's not workingwith actions to be implemented, case studies and a place to compare best practice and where things have been successful.


The aim is to make sure that in 10 years time or sooner, the landscape for the Black community in the UK, and within organisations, has changed for the better. We will put all contributing company logos on the document and publish it as a resource for companies across the board to use as a template to further assist with our ambition to help improve the business landscape, dismantle systemic racism and create an equal playing field for the economic advancement of the Black community in the UK.

executive quotes

"I’m involved with Cephas because, like him, I believe in working together for a better future. The more people that are engaged in building a brighter future the greater the progress. 

 What inspired me in his letter was the commitment to improvement from whatever position you or your organisation may be. It’s the commitment to improvement that is important"

“The truth is, no one is perfect and even I cannot promise you that I will not make mistakes along my journey. The more I tried to strive for perfection the more I realised “perfect “isn’t real. And so there is no “perfect “, only improvement." - Quoted from Cephas' Letter to Zion

Keith Weed

WPP, Non-Executive Director

"In order for us to truly progress we need to have uncomfortable conversations that create tangible solutions”, This quote from “Letter to Zion”, captures the essence of the relationship and friendship, Cephas & I have developed over the last few years. From our first conversation to the launch of the 56 Black Men, “I am not my stereotype” campaign, to the “Let’s Not Forget” campaign during lockdown, and now his latest venture The Black British Network. I feel this latest work calls on each of us to step up and become an active ally to bring about real long lasting change. I hope Clear Channel and I can play our part!"

Richard Bon

Clear Channel, Managing Director, UK

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