Video series of Black people in the community + Black employees in ally companies sharing their stories and thoughts on the Black experience, past, present and hopes for the future. This will also be informed by the discussions had at the Roundtable Conversations and will serve as a way for us to create a library of stories that can educate people and reinforce information that can support change.

The more we are able to raise, the more we can produce, the more stories we can amplify. We will explore different Black people's experiences and journeys. This will be shared across the BBN’s social platforms with plans to position these videos to media companies and amplify further.

executive quotes

“Cephas’ letter to Zion is beautiful and heartfelt. I love the fact that it simultaneously offers hope, a way forward, and a scathing indictment of where we are now.”

Simon Pegg

Stolen Picture, Co-founder

“I have spent all my working life in the business of music and it's true to say I didn’t see too many folks that looked like me in senior levels of any of the companies I worked in. It’s easy to understand when you're employing somebody you choose somebody that you can relate to, I understood that and tried to redress the balance by recruiting Black people who would otherwise not be given a chance. I have high hopes that by  joining The BBN the next generation will see a good few folks that they can relate to and aspire to become, an opportunity I never had.”


“One of the key take-a-ways from “Letter to Zion” is the point Cephas made that we are standing in the midst of perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity. As sad as that seems, we have to take full advantage of the mirror society is currently looking  into, and make the changes necessary to ensure Zion and the children of his generation are treated in the same way as their white counterparts.”

Mervyn Lyn

Strategic Partnership Solutions Ltd, Founding Partner

We are bringing together a collection of Black British stories that amplify a variety of voices from within the Black community. From the university student, to the women who owns the hair salon to the man at the barbershop, to the executive of a corporate company, the entrepreneur, the African mother and father who came over here 40 + years ago and raised her kids in the UK, the Caribbean couple who were born here over 70 years ago. The Black person from Manchester, South Hampton and the Black person from London.

This library of stories wants to inform the understanding of Black Britain from a local, national and international perspective. It wants to re inform Black people as our own understanding of identity can be miss informed by overarching narratives and ideas often portrayed in the media. Black British Stories looks to become a point of reference to understand Black culture in UK when people are creating content, writing a dissertation or contributing to the landscape in other ways.

Understanding there is not one Black experience, and that the attention is often focused on London, over time we want to explore our footprint in Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester and other cities/areas.

To curate and saturate the market with real stories from Black British citizens, across all aspects of life. To amplify the every-day Black hero’s and make the narrative about our journeys and future’s and not just the cliché amplified occupations such as music, professional sports or acting. Although we will engage people from the world of entertainment and sports, we will look at a broad spectrum of people and industries. Not only do we hope to create a platform of content that can educate our Caucasian counterparts and people from other cultural backgrounds. we also look to create a connected network of identity within the Black British community. Understanding the nuances and realities of our identity that has almost always been lost in the face of an overarching narrative not led by us.

Please fill out the form below to express an interest. Please note that filling our this form does not guarantee involvement. We will also not be able to reply everyone, however, we will keep your information on file in connection to involving you in Black British Stories where the opportunity may arise. Please note that if you work for an organisation of a member company you'll need to let your company know and go through the spaces they have paid for. If you work for an organisation that is not yet a member, you'll need to speak with the leadership at your company and ask them to involve Black staff in this program and or sign up as Corporate Members of the BBN. This ensures that we are not just highlighting/spotlighting organisations that are not authentically connected to the work we are doing and the change we are creating.

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